Sigma Kappa at Elon University's Facebook Performance after I took over management on July 15, 2014

Cycle 1: June 16 - July 14


Cycle 2: July 15 - August 12 

Began Two Facebook Campaigns during this time

  1. Alumna Update where I would contact alumnae members from our chapter to give an update on what they've been doing since graduation. Began July 17th.
  2. Sisters Over the Summer where collegiate members from our chapter email me a blurb of what they've done and what their plans are this summer. Began August 1st.

Studied when Fans are online:

  • During the week
  • After dinner (7 - 10 p.m.)

Studied Post Types that were most successful.

This may be skewed because most of our posts contain photos but aren't labeled as a "Photo Post".

Page Likes

791 Likes (+17 in 2 weeks)

Organic Page Likes

Post Reach

Increased post reach by 2,344%

Post Reach in Cycle 2


Increased Engaged Users by 9,358% (Includes Post Clicks)

Cycle 1 Likes, Comments & Shares

Cycle 2 Likes, Comments & Shares

Popular Post

Alumna Update Campaign