I created a strategic social media plan for Gift of Life Institute that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog writing. The strategic plan also includes a social media plan overview, audience development strategies, keeping up posts and audience engagement, and what to do once established.


Create a Facebook page

When creating a Facebook page, focus on the theme—see these examples.

Cover photo – 851 x 315 pixels

Profile picture – 125 x 125 pixels

Custom tab images – 111 x 74 pixels

Facebook posting

  • Frequency—2 scheduled posts per week

    • Still keep page active on a daily basis

      • Check Page and “like” or respond to comments on page

        • *Remember to tag the people you’re responding to

    • Scheduling

      • Three peaks on when to post: early morning (7 a.m. EST), after work (5 p.m. EST) and late at night (11 p.m. EST)

      • Thursday and Friday have 18% more engagement than other days of the week. Wednesday and Sunday (evening) are also good options.

      • Avoid Monday!

  • What to post

    • Be concise—keep the written message short and sweet (80 (or less) – 150 characters)

    • Ask for engagement—use verbs!

      • Clear call action “Details here”  “Click to learn more” “Go here now”

        • Like, Take, Submit, Watch, Post, Check, Comment, Click, Visit, Tell us, Share, See

        • Likes – “Like us if…” “Like this post if…”

        • COMMENTS—““Tell us…” | “Post if…” | “Where” | “When” | “Would” | “What”

          • Avoid “Why”—too invasive

  • How to post

    • Imaging? Video? Links?

    • Might get a bigger reach when not using an image. But not as good engagement.

      • Grab attention in newsfeed

      • Tell people what to do

        • Allow image to speak for you.

        • Ex. Blackboard with words.

        • Picmonkey to edit photos

    • Link Facebook and Twitter to post at two places at once!

  • Link posting

    • To keep things short, remove the link URL from the text field of the post. Once you paste the URL in the field, a blurb and a thumbnail will appear—deleting the URL will avoid clutter and still keep the blurb.

  • Community hub that’s more about Gift of Life Institute

    • Trust

      • When talking about Gift of Life Institute, you’re a trusted source that is building everyone else up

      • Linking to other people’s blogs and giving them a shout out more often than not

      • Showing love to others in the industry- online networking

  • Add administrators to post on page or schedule posts

    • Give administrative access (only to those that understand everything needs to be checked by Theresa) to schedule or post if the main account managers aren’t able to

Facebook Insights and Analytics

  • Source of data that can help drive strategic marketing decisions

    • Think about and test what you are posting and when

  • Data on best post types (under “posts”)

    • Show what types of content recently posted (links) and see best post types for Gift of Life Institute page

    • In “posts” section, click on one of the posts to get a lot of information on individual posts.

  • Gather Data and make experiments on what kind of posts work when!

    • Download post-level data in Insights to an Excel sheet

  • Friends of Fans metric typically represents a larger set of consumers than a brand’s Fans. There’s a big potential audience that can be tapped into by posting engaging content (because your fans’ activity will show up on friends’ feeds).

  • Learn what’s new with Facebook Insights

Graph search on Facebook

  • Allows you to search for valuable info about your audience

  • Ex: pages liked by people who like “GOLI Facebook page”

  • See where they are looking and what the audience likes

  • Build personal network – Identify your fans

    • Identify average age of Gift of Life Institute fans in Facebook Insights and use information to find prizes or incentives that will appeal to a specific age demographic in fan base

      • Facebook Search Query: “Pages liked by people over the age of NUMBER who like PAGE NAME”

    • Network within Facebook groups based on shared interests

      • Facebook Search Query: “Groups of people who like PAGE NAME and PAGE NAME

      • Individual and group self-promotion is annoying. Be helpful and if it’s appropriate for the conversation, share a link to your Page within the group at large

  • What can you do with this?

    • If you’re stuck with content

      • Facebook Search Query: “Interest liked by people who like… PAGE NAME (GOLI FB page)”

    • Can do the same with competitors

      • Facebook Search Query: Pages liked by organ donation professionals who like COMPETITOR PAGE or Gift of Life Institute page

      • Facebook Search Query: “People who are not my friends who like COMPETITOR PAGE

      • Facebook Search Query: “My friends who like… COMPETITOR PAGE

        • This invites potential customers to page

      • Learn who competitors are

        • Facebook Search Query: “Pages liked by PERSON or PAGE”

        • Facebook Search Query: TYPE OF BUSINESS in LOCATION visited by people who like the PAGE NAME

Embedding public Facebook post to blog/website

  • How to

    • Go to news feed, profile, or page

    • Click the drop-down arrow at top right of post

    • Click embed post

    • Copy the code in popup and paste it where desired on blog or website

  • Brings all of your social media sites together with website

  • With video, share video to Facebook page first then share the embedded post with the video, opposed to just the video

    • Brings people back to Facebook page

  • To start a discussion on Facebook, embed discussion post within blog content to get more exposure

  • Embed some of the “Best Posts of 2014” onto blog to highlight the most popular Facebook wall posts.

    • Facebook insights Posts section to see which posts had the most engagement Click individual post to being up detailed screen get embed code from drop-down

    • **When embedding with Wordpress, use the HTML/Text editor.

  • Why?

    • Any embedded post from a Facebook page includes a Like button for the page so you can boost number of fans.

    • Build reputation with customer testimonials where they share good experiences

Promote on Facebook

  • On website: Facebook “Like” or “Join us on Facebook!” box

    • Right on homepage of website

    • With the “Like” box, visitors, if logged into Facebook, see faces of their Facebook friends who also like the page

      • Encourages liking Gift of Life Institute page

    • Keep people on the website! Other methods take the visitor away from website and to Facebook where there can be distractions

    • Next time they are on Facebook, they’ll see our posts

    • Quality fans who are reading the website and blogs

  • Email blast to established followers

    • Craft a solo email blast just about the Facebook page

    • Add fun giveaway/contest to give the fans a reason to visit your Facebook

    • Auto Responder

      • 14 days after they subscribe to email, send a promotion about Facebook

  • Free Promotion

    • Turning fans into leads to grow email list

    • Email list is energy from GOLI

    • Getting into inbox with engagement

    • If people aren’t liking or commenting on Facebook posts, they probably won’t see as many posts in the beginning

    • Free webinar, cheat sheet, ebook

      • Click here

      • Can go back to your Facebook app that will collect their web and email

      • Get giveaway for email

Advertisement on Facebook

  • Make ad clear and obvious of what it’s promoting

  • Have reward or “payoff”—ads with a reward tend to be more influential over purchasing decisions

  • What should ad be?

    • Use Facebook Insights to see what is the most engaging content and turn that into a social ad—content and ads are one in the same

  • Promoted Posts

    • Promoted posts get better placement on its Facebook fans’ news feeds

    • Can target posts based on specific location or language, and will be able to track how many people saw the post

    • How?

      • Sharing tool to create post located next to “Post” and “Public” buttons, click the “Promote” tab a drop down menu will allow you to set budget or how much you want to spend ($5 or $10) to high like the post throughout the duration of the promotion

    • Promotions will be seen by a larger percentage of the people who like your Page than would normally see it as well as the friends of people who interact with your post

    • These promoted posts will be in the regular newsfeed, not with other ads located in right column of Facebook

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