Keeping up with the world throughout the chaos of college

As a 22 year old college student, I know how hard it is to find time to go to the gym, work a part time job, and even eat and sleep adequately. Keeping up with the news is one of the most important things you can do on a daily basis. It's easy! And it's not like you have to watch the news on TV for hours to be knowledgeable on what's happening in our world. 

Why it's important to keep up with current events

  • It makes the world smaller. Learning about news stories about communities on the other side of the world reminds you that your reality isn't the only reality. Allow yourself to be exposed to other ways of thinking and global problems that need fixing.
  • It makes you a global citizen. Creating global citizens is probably Elon University's number one goal for their students. Experiencing different stories and traditions from all over the world allows you to appreciate others outside of your cultural community. To be a global citizen means to choose to see one another as more the same than different. I believe that if we think of our global neighbors as people in exotic and unreachable places, we will use the distance as an excuse to validate inaction to some of the world's most pressing needs. It's only when we realize how closely knit we are all that the distance stops being an excuse. 

  • It's a great conversation starter which is great for networking. When speaking to a potential employer, it's important to show you know what's going on outside your immediate circle. Debating and conversing about pressing global topics, even if there are disagreements, allows intellectual respect to be shared between the parties. 
  • It's relevant. Everything is connected. What happens domestically affects the world internationally which then circles back to specific domestic changes. You should know why the gas prices are dropping and how that affects Americans as well as other national economies that depend on selling oil and now have no demand.
  • You will learn a lot. Never. Stop. Learning.

Easy news practices

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • The Skimm
  • News app push notifications (CNN, BBC)
  • Morning news before class. Your morning news goes great with your morning coffee.