Four years ago, Christchurch had an earthquake that destroyed most of the city. Today, you can still see the destruction. I stayed in the YMCA Hostel in Christchurch for only one night but just from walking to the grocery store and back, I could very much see how much the earthquake affected the city. 

There was so much construction and road detours going on. In addition, they had to quickly replace the damaged buildings. For example, after the quake, a cardboard church was created down the street from the damaged one. The new church was built to seat 700 people and is held up by a concrete foundation and cardboard tubes.  

I also passed a make-shift mall made out of cargo shipping boxes.  


There isn't really much to see in Christchurch, to be honest. However, it was interesting to see how much an earthquake can affect a city 4 years later.

Viktor and I also made our first real meal in a hostel.  We had chicken, broccoli, and baked potatoes. Yum!

I went to bed early because my TranzAlpine train left early the next morning. It was beautiful so make sure you read my next post!