Small World, Small Island


In Franz Josef, a couple friends and I went to Monsoon, the "club" of Franz Josef. We walked up to the bar to get a drink when two brothers, Josh and Jordan, started making conversation with me. They said they were from Wanaka, my next destination.  

Small World, Weird Story Time: 

On the plane from Philadelphia to San Francisco, I met a guy who I sat next to on the plane who was also traveling to New Zealand. He was staying with his uncle in Wanaka to help him build his new house. I never heard of Wanaka before but I told him that if I traveled there, I'd let him know. Turns out, we never added each other on Facebook. I tried to find him but the only two things I knew is that his first name was Ty and he was from the Lancaster area. Short story short, I couldn't find him. 

Now, this is a couple days later at this bar in Frans Josef talking to these two brothers who own a bar in Wanaka. I told them about this kid who is living with his uncle, and Josh said, "Oh, Tyler!"

Ummm... What? Is this country seriously this small? Apparently, Ty's uncle goes to Josh and Jordan's bar all the time. Josh had Ty's number so he said he'd tell him that I would be in Wanaka in a couple days. The next day I woke up with a Facebook friend request from Ty.  So bizarre, right?

Viktor, Ty and I met up at Lake Bar, the one that Josh and Jordan owns. It's a really cool bar/restaurant with great drinks. Josh gave us pints for $5 and a bunch of fun free shots. I guess it does pay off to make friends with the bar owner, not just the bar tender. 

After Ty, Viktor and I split an amazing plate of fries with sweet chili sauce, cheese, bacon, etc., the bar emptied out a bit. (Side note, sweet chili sauce is huge here, they put it on everything). We had a drink at Post Lane that had a few nice bars in it but I went to bed shortly after. Speed traveling is exhausting!  

Drive to Wanaka from Franz Josef

Drive to Wanaka from Franz Josef