Viktor booked us a hostel at the Flying Kiwi Backpackers.

Thanks, V. 

Our bus drove us along beautiful Lake Wanaka and allowed us to jump off the bus and take some photos before we got into town. The bus dropped us off in town right next to the lake. It was gorgeous! 

We wanted to walk around a bit but we first headed to our hostel to put our things away.  One of the main things I wanted to do in Wanaka was hike Roy's Peak. Apparently, the view is amazing overlooking the mountains and Lake Wanaka. But when we got to the hostel, the receptionist said that the trail was closed due to lambing. There was another hike that she suggested that has a similar viewpoint to Roy's Peak, but it was a 40 minute drive and we would have had to hitchhike.  I feel like after walking for 7 hours, hitchhiking that distance just to get back to town wouldn't be the most fun.

In Wanaka, you definitely have to check out the Paradiso Cinema. It's so cool. For seating, they have so many different kinds of chairs like airplane seats, a dentist chair, couches, etc. The previews include lots of local shops and excursions, which was different than the traditional movie theater.  

I went to see The Martian (highly recommended). During intermission, we left the theater room to grab our dinner that we ordered when we arrived. The hot cookies looked incredible. I was told (after the fact) that I should have got one. 

Paradiso Cinema, Wanaka, NZ  360queenstown-wanaka.com

Paradiso Cinema, Wanaka, NZ


The Paradiso Cinema is a must-do in Wanaka.