Top 10 Destinations for Solo Travel

I haven't decided 100% if now is the time I should solo travel. 

But I know I want to one day. 

I hate saying that. One day.

Anyway, I've been searching for the top places for a solo female to travel and below is a list of repeats from many different lists. 

1. Iceland

Iceland came up a lot in my search.Travel and style blogger, The Blonde Abroad wrote in one of her blog posts, "The city of Reykjavik is famous for its music scene and nightlife, so you'll have no problem meeting locals and fellow travelers. There are countless reasons to visit Iceland, but it's her natural beauty that steals the show."

Gullfoss Falls  Photo Cred:  The Blonde Abroad

Gullfoss Falls

Photo Cred: The Blonde Abroad

2. Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

I have a friend that traveled abroad to Copenhagen then ended up getting a job there after graduation! Apparently, it's a pretty badass city. 

As far as adventures go, there’s certainly no shortage. Scandanavian cities are lovely to travel around, being less crowded than places like Paris and Rome.
— Woman Travel Blog
Nyhavn - New Harbour Copenhagen  Photo Cred: Victoria Selover

Nyhavn - New Harbour Copenhagen

Photo Cred: Victoria Selover

3. New Zealand

Amanda from A Dangerous Business Travel Blog says that New Zealand is perfect for solo travel because of how easy and safe it is to get around. It has awesome landscapes, activities that'll keep you busy. The great hostels are perfect for younger travelers to meet each other.

Photo Cred: A Dangerous Business

Photo Cred: A Dangerous Business

4. Thailand

The Blonde Abroad believes that Thailand is a great place for the solo traveler with its "beautiful leafy jungles, famous sandy beaches, mouth-watering cuisine and affordable prices." 

It’s ideal for someone who wants to really experience a vibrant cultural destination with a wide range of sightseeing options.
— The Blonde Abroad
Photo Cred: Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage Instagram)

Photo Cred: Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage Instagram)

5. Canada

Did you know that Canada has rich urban arts scenes? Winnipeg actually has one of the best ballet companies on the planet. I'd be so down! In addition, Canada has plenty of festivals held every year. I'd also love to hike through (easy) parts of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

Photo Cred: Samantha Chen (@thesamanthachan Instagram)

Photo Cred: Samantha Chen (@thesamanthachan Instagram)

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica kept popping up on lists for best solo travel. According to, even though the crime rates aren't as low as some of these other destinations, Costa Rica has a very high HPI (Happy Planet Index) and considered the "happiest country on the planet!" How fun! Costa Rica has a rain forest, volcano, and beautiful beaches so I'd definitely have plenty to do. 

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

7. Ireland

I've always wanted to go to Ireland after seeing the film P.S. I Love You. From my research, it seems that Ireland is extremely safe and easy to do day trips from Dublin. Based off my college friends who studied abroad in Ireland and couldn't stop talking about it, I'm assuming it must be something special. 

@TourismIreland Instagram

@TourismIreland Instagram

8. Scotland

When I think of Scotland, similarly to Ireland, I think of green hills and castles. I like the sound of both! Edinburgh sounds amazing, as well as safe. Another thing I'd look forward to: Scottish accents. YES PLEASE. 

Kiltrock Falls  (@ susannemj  Instagram)

Kiltrock Falls (@susannemj Instagram)

9. Bali

For some reason, I've always wanted to travel to Bali. I don't even really know much about it. I think I've just seen photos of this incredible place and just fell in love. Luckily, it's also on The Blonde Abroad's list for safest destinations for a solo female to travel!

Temples, yoga, relaxing beaches and inexpensive food & accommodation are just a few reasons why Bali is the ultimate solo female travel destination. With a great backpacking culture for young people, budget travelers will always find someone to hang out with. And with all those beautiful beaches, you bet there are some incredible resorts for a little bit of luxe.
— The Blonde Abroad
Pura Luhur Lempuyang, Karangasem  @explorebali

Pura Luhur Lempuyang, Karangasem @explorebali

10. Amsterdam

I might have been the most (pleasantly) surprised to see Amsterdam pop up on a number of these places to travel solo lists. 

@17lilc Instagram

@17lilc Instagram

If you have any suggestions for solo travel, please comment below!