Well, here ya go... my extremely tentative itinerary for my New Zealand trip!

Week 1: Backpacking the eastern half of the North Island

Week 2: Backpacking most of the South Island

Week 3: Backpacking some of the South Island and the western side of the North Island

Week 4: Visiting college roommates in Brisbane, Australia

Exhibit A: Snapchat from Davis I woke up to this morning

Exhibit A: Snapchat from Davis I woke up to this morning

My former roommates, Lindsay and Davis, moved to Brisbane after graduation (just for shits and gigs). After I confirmed I was visiting, they told me to research what I want to do with them in Brisbane and let them know... girlfriends, I have enough to research for my solo trip! I told them that I'd arrive and just go with the flow.

But I am really so excited to see them; I miss them dearly! They've been in Australia for most of the summer so they're practically locals! It's funny seeing the Snapchats they send me because usually as my alarm goes off at 6 am, they send me a Snap of them out drinking or laying on the beach (See Right). 

Looks like my kinda life!

I traveled around Australia in 8th grade for 3 weeks through People to People. I feel so fortunate to go again. I'm sure not many people on this side of the world can say they've been to Australia twice!

Who knows? Maybe this time I'll just stay and move in with Davis! (Sorry, Mom)

I leave in 3 days, but I have so much to do before I go.

I already...

  • Bought tickets Philly -> Auckland and Auckland -> Brisbane
  • Got new hiking boots (already broke them in a bit thanks to some hiking with my friend, Leanne, last weekend)
  • Got Moleskin band-aids to help my poor hiking feet
  • Got a small fast-drying towel
  • Got a travel backpack that'll replace a suitcase
  • Bought travel insurance
  • Notified my banks that I'm traveling
  • Bought a travel wallet [This is the one I ordered]
  • Booked 2 nights in my Auckland hostel
  • Ordered some $NZ through TD Bank (I ordered about US $300 to start me off)
  • Bought a neck pillow for the plane [this one is amazing]
  •  Got a selfie stick (Hey, a solo traveler's gotta do what a solo traveler's gotta do)

I need to...

  • Go to Best Buy and figure out to transfer my DSLR photos easily to my phone/tablet (follow me in Insta @livemaxlivewell
  • Have a Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit movie marathon  [Why?]
  • Get an external phone battery
  • Get an extra Canon camera battery and SD Card
  • Make sure I have enough birth control to skip my next period ('cause no one's got time for that)
  • Call my health insurance to see if they'll save me in case I fall off a cliff in NZ
  • Strategically pack my clothes (and make sure there's extra room for souvenirs)
  • I feel like I should probably put more on this list--I feel very unprepared

Even though I kind of know what I want to do in NZ and I have my first hostel booked, I do feel a bit unprepared. However, I think my unpreparedness will just make this trip more fun. I'll be able to just go when I want to and get recommendations along the way. It'll definitely advance some of my skills that will help me in my next life endeavor (AKA a job). Maybe I'll go into that in my next blog post :)

Keep updated!