Unemployment, Let's Do This

Alas, my incredible internship ended. The amount I learned this summer is irreplaceable. I want to thank everyone that trained and coached me throughout this experience. Unfortunately, there were no positions open that fit my qualifications so I'm back on the market! 

However, I'm thinking I'm going to take advantage of this time of unemployment. First, beach trip.

Since I didn't take any vacation this summer, I took a trip to my family's shore house to help with renovations with my mom. Our shore house is in Cape May Courthouse so, of course, aside of all the painting, Mom and I hit the beach and ate as much seafood as humanly possible. 

We went to this restaurant on the Cape May bay called H&H Seafood. It's awesome with BYOB and casual dockside dining that serves super fresh and inexpensive blue crabs. You can even walk over to see where they store their live blue crabs before they're cooked.

I quickly learned that blue crabs take a lot of effort with not much reward so I mainly munched on the big scallops, medium shrimp, and juicy corn on the cob. Nevertheless, everything was super tasty! 

Blue Claw Crabs and Corn on the Cob!  FYI -- Everything at H&H Seafood is steamed.

Blue Claw Crabs and Corn on the Cob!

FYI -- Everything at H&H Seafood is steamed.

So yeah, my irst week of unemployment = a week of beaching, eating seafood and drinking margaritas. 

I have some fun plans for these next couple months so don't miss out on my next posts!




Getting back into it

I did it! I graduated college!

Moving back up to Philadelphia wasn't a very difficult decision for me. My family is here, my boyfriend of six years is here, and most importantly, my golden retriever is here. 

hi, mia!

hi, mia!

On June 1st, I started as a PR and Executive Management intern at a public relations and advertising agency in center city, Philadelphia. The agency and clients are amazing. I've only been here for a couple months and I've already learned so much about PR, advertising, production, strategy, presenting, and executive logistics! During my time at this agency, I have been working very closely with the COO on new business opportunities for the agency. I've also been working with an Account Coordinator on PR tasks. 

Working at an agency with a media department definitely has its perks. The media team always has media vendors coming to the office with free food, ice cream, fun giveaways, and (did I mention) free food. The other day, a media vendor brought a tater tot food truck to our office and we all got free tots!

Uda uda best, Media Department.

Thanks, the tot cart!

Thanks, the tot cart!


Working in Philly is simply AMAZING. Philly may be my favorite city. There is just so much to do, including great festivals, sports games, street music, and Center City Sips. Sips is a city-wide happy hour every Wednesday during the summer. 

$5 Cocktails

$4 Wine

$3 Beer

Half-priced appetizers

Yes, please.

There are about 100 restaurants and bars in the city that participate in Sips so we have so many options! One week some co-workers and I went to Independence Beer Garden, another week we went for sushi and drinks at Aki Japanese Restaurant, and another week we hopped around from BrΓΌ, to McGillin's, to U-Bahn. If you're from Philly and haven't gone yet, make sure to go next week because it's the last Sips of the summer!

Anyway, I'm very excited to see what comes next for me with this internship at this ad agency or my next opportunity.

Optimism is key.

These next few months are going to be exciting :)